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Default Ninjam Pay Per Use for Private Server Time

Greetings -

This note is addressed to the folks who are managing Ninjam. I perform and record professionally, and I often stream my live performance to the web using Shoutcast, when there are wireless access points at the venues. Recently I have been experimenting with some of my international peers, performing with each other over the internet, similar to what Ninjam offers, but using our own servers. We are planning to host and announce some official internet performances, where he is in a club at Germany, and I am collaborating virtually here in the States.

Personally, I like the Ninjam system better, as it is easier to use and setup. However, what I'm really looking for is a way to use the system privately for actual scheduled performances with other professional disrespect to the folks in the jam sessions, but my interest right now is formal virtual performances. I'd like to be able to schedule some private time with the Ninjam system, at a higher stream rate, and I'm willing to pay for the time, either monthly, or by the hour.

Are there plans to implement this use case for Ninjam? Thanks in advance for your response.


Krispen Hartung
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The server software is available for your own personal use. If you can find a server that can run the software, and meets your bandwidth needs, then you shouldn't have any problem using Ninjam for a live performance. No one needs to know about the location of the server, and everything should work just fine.... However, you will need to find a server with fast and reliable speeds between the US and Germany...

Here's the server setup guide:

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Default Re: Ninjam Pay Per Use for Private Server Time

That's convenient. Thanks. I'm experimenting with the Ninjam software and the Shoutcast server, but with no luck. When I configure my Shoutcast software, it has a separate configuration setting for host, and another for port. The Ninjam software just has a config setting for host, which I assume should include the port too, riht? But the line below is not working in the config:


I tried removing the "http://" too, also with no luck.

Any suggestions? Has anyone had any luck using the Ninjam software with Shoutcast?

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Newbie Brad
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Hello Kris,
It seems it's only been a week or two since you and I corresponded on this or similar topic. I'm throwing in with you. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Kris isn't the only one crazy enough to chase after this. I would like to try to implement this in Amsterdam at a fretless guitar festival 4-5 months from now. Best, NB
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@Newbie Brad

how did your festival go ?
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Hiya, attached here is the NINJAM Server and Brennan's Streaming Bot with instructions including setup instructions in the .cfg files as well as .bat files to launch both.

I compiled from Sources on here and for users using the Ninjamers site so there will be references in there, just ignore these references.
I had a lot of people ask me the same question so it just saved time re-explaining every time.
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