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Default Is a Shared IP an issue?


I am unable to connect my ninjam client to my ninjam server running on my ISP webhost although the ninjam server appears to be running fine. I am using the example.cfg in this test.

Question: does a shared IP address matter port-wise? I have a shared IP address - do I need a dedicated IP address?

Thanks for any help!
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Any number of domain names can resolve to one IP address. That isn't a problem in and of itself.

When a web server gets an HTTP request, the domain name requested by the client is included in the headers.

That's how the web server works out which set of pages to use.

NINJAM isn't anything to do with web servers or HTTP, though.

First, you need your ISP to have the port you're running NINJAM on open for incoming connections.

Then that port needs forwarding to the physical machine you're running NINJAM on.

If you've had the ISP set that up for you, you should be OK.

(At home, all our machines are hidden behind the ADSL router's IP address. I need to configure the router to forward incoming connections to the right machine. It's similar to what you're after, I would imagine.)
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Hello - thank you kindly for your reply.

After more research at my ISP (bluehost) it seems any process on a shared ip is killed after 5 minutes so I purchased a dedicated IP and am just having problems with my id/password (using example.cfg) but am certainly connecting now - I get the license agreement every time. I see the login failures reported in the server console on my shell terminal session.


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