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Default Lua bug: reaper.TrackFX_SetPreset creates undo outside undo block (FIXED)

reposting this in the bug reports forum, since I think it is a bug and I posted it wrongly in the JSFX forum first.

I don't expect the "Change FX preset: Track 1: ReaEQ" to appear in the undo history. It should be enclosed by the Undo Block. So it seems a bug, that after the undo block is created, another undo entry is added for setting the preset. If you add multiple different TrackFX_SetPreset, a lot of undo entries are added.

code to test:
    local track=reaper.GetSelectedTrack(0,0)
    fxint=reaper.TrackFX_GetByName(track, "ReaEQ", true)
    if fxint>=0 then
        preset = reaper.TrackFX_SetPreset(track, fxint, "stock - Track Default") 
reaper.Undo_EndBlock("Setting Preset", -1)

But it would be better if we could have an option in the reaper.TrackFX_SetPreset function to completely skip the creation of undo entry.
something like:

boolean reaper.TrackFX_SetPreset(MediaTrack track, integer fx, string presetname, boolean createundo)

I've totally failed trying to make it not adding the undo. help!
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