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Human being with feelings
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Originally Posted by Tale View Post
It sure is!

I can't really help you there, because I have no idea what exactly "Set Point Value" is...
Hi Tale.

In reaper you can edit the automation envelops in several ways, for instance dragging a point with the mouse, or via the menu point "set point value". When I drag a point with the mouse, everything works as expected, but when I use the "set point value" option from the menu, the value does not change. It seems as if the plugin is immediately sending back the old value, overriding the new one.

I have no clue what is happening. It does not happen with other plugins, so it must be something in my code, but I have no clue where to even start looking, as I don't know what exactly reaper is doing differently by either editing with the mouse, or use that menu option.

I hope somebody from the reaper gurus can enlighten me here.

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Just for curiosity i tried it with my current project and everything works fine (as you already mentioned for other plugs). It's hard to say anything useful without knowing your code. In fact i can't think of any reason why these two operations should do different things...
Did you already trace different behaviours when changing a param with these two automation edits (breakpoint at OnParamChange() and step through the code)?
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Default reselse linker errors


I'm having some trouble building the AU configuration with xcode 7.3.1 release mode
(product->build for...-> profiling)

Does anyone recognise these errors and what to do about them?

"___bzero", referenced from:
staticPngReadFunc(png_struct_def*, unsigned char*, unsigned long) in lice.a(lice_png.o)
LICE_CachedFont::LICE_CachedFont() in lice.a(lice_textnew.o)
LICE_CachedFont::LICE_CachedFont() in lice.a(lice_textnew.o)
LICE_CachedFont::SetFromHFont(HGDIOBJ__*, int) in lice.a(lice_textnew.o)
_png_create_png_struct in lice.a(png.o)
_png_create_info_struct in lice.a(png.o)
_png_destroy_info_struct in lice.a(png.o)
"_fopen$UNIX2003", referenced from:
LICE_LoadPNG(char const*, LICE_IBitmap*) in lice.a(lice_png.o)
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture i386
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

I changed Base SDK to latest (10.11) for relesebuld and the errors disappeared... :-)

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Matthieu Brucher
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I currently have issues making AU work on OS X, with different SDKs (10.8 or 10.11), even for the examples. Is there something that I missed in one of the latest builds?
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Default wdl-ol

I have tried this wdl-olm and can not get it to work on vs C++2010, 2015 or 2017. I have used RackaFX, Csounds, Juce, Synthedit, Synthmaker and Native Instruments with great success. Why is it so hard to compile and run this program "IEffects". I looks simple but it turns out to be a headache. Is there anyone here that can help me get the program running on any one of the APIs.
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