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Default Live Remote Session / Reaper + Teamviewer + Dropbox + "Project Refresh"?

I was looking for a way to run a live session remotely (without paying $650 for source-connect). It seems to me that if there was a "Project Refresh" button, or some code that could keep two projects in sync even when they are both open (using dropbox or otherwise), that would get the job done.

It needs to be live as apposed to sending files back and forth, because I want to coach the vocal takes (via skype or similar).

One workaround could be this:

1. Coach vocal takes with skype. The sound quality with skype should be good enough to judge performances.

2. Keep a finder window open (I'm on mac) of the project media folder synced with dropbox. Audition audio quality when take arrives on the local machine.

The above is a workaround... it seems it should be possible to have the takes automatically sync to a local project? Does anyone have any experience with this?
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