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Default Media Explorer Questions

Coming back to Reaper after a while and am on v5.40.

Using the Media Explorer, can we use this as a small editor before auditioning loops in the main arrangement view? If so I have a couple of probably simple questions :

1. Can we get 'snap'on the preview waveform window? So that with the Tempo Match OFF and Auto Play off, we can snap when dragging a selection over say exactly 2 bars?
Does the Media Explorer have snap to the tiny grid markings above the waveform?

2. Can we get the waveform to show without the 'auto play' function on?
I like to click on a .wav file and see its waveform in the preview below so I can cut/chop out a 2 bar loop? Mine only shows with the 'auto play' enabled, but if that is on, then the preview plays over the arrangement loop and sounds a mess..

3. Once I have an approx loop in the preview, i could do an action to 'Insert at Time selection (stretch/loop to Fit), so the snapped preview waveform will stretch and loop perfectly on the timeline?

If I do chop out a loop of say 2 bars, from a full track, (so the actual full track is never used) is Reaper only using the 2 bars when I save this? Or will Reaper save the full Track in preview as I know i won't need it again?

I am trying to get Reaper to be a much better version of Acid Pro, using loop based elements of Audio.

I already have the Force Project Tempo to whole samples, so that audio loops on the bar perfectly..

I hope some of this makes sense? lol
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1. No snap, but it should, I agree. Should be an FR.

2. I can see the selected waveform without autoplay, not sure why you can't (I'm on 5.50). You could alternatively turn down the preview volume.

3. It can stretch to time sel automatically (right click on wave), but it will also fit the grid if you have tempo match on

If you just drag it in it will just be a slice of the whole file. If you don't want that hold ctrl+alt+drag to make a new file.

You may not have noticed that explorer has its own actions section now. This could open up some new possibilities for you as well. Maybe some clever custom actions could automate things the way you want.
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