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Default arangement view jumps when selecting items

edit, better licecap:

Seems to be triggered here when:

- have an (MIDI) item covered full arangement length (zoomed in)
- select with right drag (default here is: Marquee select items)

I've figured now what's happening:
When the edit cursor is not into view when marquee selecting, edit cursor is brought into view automatically.
Hm...is this intended ?


Seems MIDI editor has to be open and display at least one item for it to happen.

Test project attached.

- double click an item to open MIDI editor
- place cursor somewhere so it's not visible in current view (important step)
- marquee select an unselected item
- arrangement view should jump to cursor

Actually I can trigger it also by single left-clicking, not just marquee select.

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bump very annoying basically makes working with midi and using one midi-editor for the whole project ALMOST impossible or very tedious at least , this should really be fixed
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I use "project sync," where the annoyance is auto zooming to length of the item being opened. I use SWS:Undo Zoom hundreds of times per project.

Can't reproduce with that setting. I can with "Beats:Project."

I think option to have "Active MIDI item follows selection changes in arrange view" has to be on too.
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The project seems to work fine on my system, v5.50rc18, and I don't get any jumps in the arrange view.

Have you perhaps checked the mouse modifiers for inadvertent changes? The behaviour in the GIF seems reminiscent of the "Restore previous zoom/scroll" action, which may have been assigned to the default left-click mouse modifier.
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I'm still having the same problem. Midi editor (1 instance per project) has to be open for this to happen though.
Anyone manage to get a fix for this?
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