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Default Midi clock triggers nonexistent midi notes?

Hello All, this might not be a Reaper bug, but looks like I have a ghost in the machine.

I'm using 4in 4out midibox interface - which appears correctly on Reaper's Options/Preferences/Midi devices panel - to send midi tracks to external synths and drum machines.

This setup works fine until I tick the Send Clock box on the Configure Midi output properties on any of the 4 midi outputs. At that point, I can hear synth/drum notes being triggered on that track which aren't part of my tracks score.

This happens if the track contains notes below the E4 key - this parameter varies on each of the 4 midi outputs btw, see list below, pl.

Basically, with Send Clock ON, each note below the E4 key, triggers a 'ghost' note of much higher pitch, which isn't part of my midi track.

What is also odd is that these unwanted notes appear to change their pitch +/- as I raise/lower the whole track score velocity.

Send Clock triggers these high pitch ghost notes every time my track midi notes are:

Midi output 1: below C0 and above D4
Midi output 2: below G#1
Midi output 3: below C3
Midi output 4: below E4.

I wonder if a) anyone has come across this send clock issue and fixed it, b) if it is a bug in Reaper or something I overlooked or c) this is something to do with my midi 4x4 interface?

PS: Reaper is running on windows 10 home edition. The usb midi interface is 'Intelligent MIDIBOX Mate 4in/4out'.

Thank you in advance.

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