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Default Freezing tracks without the fx tail?

The problem is when I freeze tracks it keeps the tail on, and I hate that. However, I don't want to remove the fx tail for all tracks if they are frozen (just most of them), is there a way to freeze a selected track without the fx tail without going to the preferences every time and changing the fx tail length in milliseconds. This is the only reason I don't like to freeze tracks. Some sounds need tails and some don't and I just need a simple option to freeze the selected track without a tail of fx.
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hi, if you have the sws extensions there is an action you can assign to a key or toolbar or whatever and a box will pop up and you set the tail length ( the default is zero, i think) it's-

Xenakios/SWS: Render item to new take with tail...

far quicker / easier than opening preferences though this is only for rendering a new track, not freezing
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