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Default Can I get your suggestions for an FX chain on my 3 tracks in my project?

I am a singer. I have pre-recorded music that I sing to. I have a very, very simple project template that I use that has only 3 tracks. They are as follows:

Track 1: Music
Track 2: Vox
Track 3: Vox Reverb

With the songs I have recorded so far, when it comes to the vocals, the feedback I am getting is that the FX I have been using on the vocal track, and possibly the Reverb too, makes my voice sound as if I am in a tunnel or a cave.

My goal with the vocal is to have a full rich sound vs. that excessive echoing sound!

There may also be certain songs where I might want to add additional vocal tracks for the purpose of harmonizing.

My way of thinking is that it is possible that I might just have part of the FX I'm using turned toward WET too much and need to turn it down.

So, I would like to start from scratch with no FX on any tracks. In the videos that I see on YouTube, much of what they teach is not as basic as my projects. Many of them are more complex and require a great deal of FX, where I am sure that I might require very little.

I of course have the stock plug ins that come with Reaper, but, when this guy came to my house to help me get zero latency he also gave me what he said was $700 worth of plug ins, so if there might be a plug in that does not come with Reaper that you think would work well, please ask me so I can do a search of the FX I do have to see if what your suggesting is part of the ones he gave me!

What I do know that I have that I like a lot are Blue Cat plug ins.(Flanger, EQ-Both MONO and Stereo) as well as much much more!

I would be grateful for any suggestions of FX chains that would be of the most benefit with projects like the one described here!

Thank You so much!


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Hi Steven, it might help if you post a tid-bit of the mix you have.

As simple as your projects are, it still needs the proper routing, as well as FX. With vocal(s), a compressor can be a big help for smoothing out the levels of the vocal tracks, there are several video tutorials on how to use them. EQ is also good for vocals, depending on the mics you uses and the room you record in.

I seldom use any other FX for vocals other then EQ and Compression, unless I think a delay might help it out, and that's usually useful to some extent.

Then there's Reverb. Most types of reverb will work on vocals, but I prefer a "Plate". I usually set the time length or decay-time from 1-sec to 1.5-sec. There are a lot of other factors with reverbs, such as density and predely, but you'll have to experiment with those.

Since you're using reverb as an "aux" or "sub" track, it's best to turn the "Dry" completely off and the "Wet" completely on/full. Then adjust the sends from the vocal tracks so that they sound good. You can further control the reverb track by adjusting it's fader.
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