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Default my music


latest album is hand composed I think (in weird time signatures/combinations of time signatures though), but the stuff immediately before that was made by a custom algorithm in JS. From "digi analog abacus tone poem qualia" to "some say he just kept driving till the Lazarus ran out", and earlier stuff too but that whole string of albums was made algorithmically.

The weird thing about the algorithm is that it uses something called the Cayley-Dickson Construction, which is like QUATERNIONS but extended further to 8, 16, 32 variables etc.

so the thing about this, in the 16 variable case, it's used as a 16-step sequencer, so on... so would the music still be in 4/4 no matter how abstract? ) just a weird thought

I was going to maybe post the MIDI code in the Reaper JS forum but they despise me over there, so I dunno
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I like "gummi bear helicopter airstrike" but don't know why. That's a good thing, just thought I'd mention.
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This is great stuff!

drunk flamingo machete sculpture rolling downhill and orange bioluminscent goat fetus are my favourites so far, but I haven't listened to them all.

I think you may have found a customer
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Great stuff, right in the Rephlex / MuZiq pocket.
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I'm speechless.

I do hear occasional bits and bytes that could easily be used in movie soundtracks.
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I sincerely hope that you release Aaron Funk soon. You're also going to need to provide a support program, as I'm sure he's terribly addicted to whatever you gave him during these sessions. Thank you.
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You lost me, but then I wasn't there anyway....
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LOooove it!
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So "hand composed" here meaning that everything is the result of midi programming? Looking at your bandcamp site I'm a little freaked...so much music, so many algorithm-based tracks. Listening to this I have a lot of questions. Are you still using the algorithms to influence certain parts - like the percussive track on "celery ant" or the glitches on "purple pear pendulum"?

Really, really interesting stuff.

"red and green together" (I know it's one of the tamer pieces on here) would set the stage for a badass chase or flight sequence.

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This isn't my cup of fanta, but....
1) You're crazy
2) You've got a thing for titles.
3) Like drunk flamingo...
4) Gummy bear helicopter airstrike - oscar for for best title
5) you are really crazy and that's good.
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Well, it definitely isn't boring! Somehow massively chaotic, but hypnotizing at the same time - well done!
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