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Default v5.62 - November 7 2017

REAPER 5.62: Farcical Aquatic Ceremony

+ Automation items: duplicate automation items on send envelopes when duplicating tracks [t=197766]
+ Arrange: show tooltip when editing markers/regions/loop/time selections
+ Config import: improve import behavior on macOS
+ Control surfaces: pass through Faderport footswitch commands to action bindings as a note-on
+ FX browser: allow adding FX to master track when opened via action [t=192812]
+ Localization: fix validation of strings ending in %%
+ Localization: improve note/key localization [p=1897006]
+ Localization: localize articulations/ornaments
+ Localization: localize jsfx UI
+ Localization: various fixes [p=1898728] [p=1899438]
+ Media items: group items correctly after moving within time selection [p=1900966]
+ Media explorer: fix missing context menu items [t=197784]
+ Notation editor: improve stem drawing
+ Notation editor: suppport themeable colors
+ Preferences: remove UI lazy updates option, always use UpdateWindow on Windows
+ ReaSurround: fix automation behaviors for LFE and speaker output levels [t=197727]
+ Routing window: fix accessibility support (regression in 5.61)
+ Solo: 5.6/5.61 behavior fix [p=1903931]
+ Startup: remember size of project selection window
+ Startup: prevent new windows from being initialized with offscreen titlebars
+ Undo: improve undo history context menu with ability to look at .RPP differences
+ VST3: make Console 1 obey solo-in-place preference [t=197633]
+ Video: fix potential memory errors with certain video processors
+ macOS: check for GL shader support when opening video window rather than from video thread
+ macOS: disable word-wrap in various text windows

(List generation help by X-Raym's REAPER ChangeLog to BBCode)
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