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Default MIDI guitar

Wait, it's not the expensive Roland GR55, neither the cordless you rock guitar, not even Fishman's vaporware "triple play".
It this: http://www.jamorigin.com/midi-guitar...Mac/index.html
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Here's the thread in general discussion: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=110354
JamOrigin posts there as well (the thread slept away a bit right now, but chances are good he is still monitoring it). Seems to be a very nice guy and always eager for feedback and suggestions.

I downloaded the beta back then and really like it for the simplicity of use. Guitar plugged in with the usual audio cable and out of the plug comes polyphonic MIDI data you can use on a single channel of a VSTi - (polyphonic) MIDI guitar has never been that easy . And it works astonishingly nice, guesses double stops and chords very intelligently and pretty fast. Very few bad triggers.
For this simplicity you trade in support for note bending/vibrato, at least that's the state of mid December. The dev(s) of course know that people want pitch support, it will be interesting what they pull out their sleeves in that respect. But it's pretty clear that for pitch support they will need to use separate MIDI channels per voice, which will take away one of the main advantages (no need to set up instruments/patches for 6 individual MIDI channels). Hope it will be a mode switch.

I somehow missed to follow it further, didn't try since December. Thanks for the reminder, time to hop back up on the train.
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