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Default Possible bug: Regions + Tempo Automation -> MIDI Clip wrap/shift

maybe it is a bug, maybe I am just being retarded and did oversee some setting:
I have a project that is only using midi items, it consists of several regions in different tempi, 260 and 69 BPM. When I move/copy regions, sometimes the contents of the midi clips in that region are shifted afterwards. I *think* it happens as soon as the region e.g. in a track has several split midi items (when I glued the midi items before doing region edits along the whole track, it was fine). I originally thought it was one of the item preferences regarding timing that did that so i did not care that much in the beginning. But I just encountered that when the region copy will add additional breakpoints in the tempo automation it screwed with the midi contents predictably; when I manually added the (correct) breakpoint before doing the same region copy/move then everything was fine.

any ideas? facepalm?

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