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Default I'm looking for clarification of Sends/Rec'vs. Do I have this right?

My project is very simple in the world of mixing. I only have 4 tracks! They are:

1. MASTER (I have learned that some guys like to have one in their projects)
2. Background Music
3. Vox
4. Vox Reverb

It may be possible that for some songs that there will be more than one Vox as a harmony, but, for the most part there will be a single Vox on almost every song.

From the videos I have been watching I need to do the following:

1. Send track 2 (Music) to track 1 (MASTER)
2. Send track 3 (Vox) to track 4 (Vox Reverb)
3. Send track 4 (Vox Reverb) to track 1 (MASTER)


1. Do I have the configuration listed above in regard to sends / rec'vs correct? If not, how should it be?
2. Do I need to explicitly send track 1 MASTER to the project MASTER?
3. Is track 1 (MASTER) really necessary in this case?
4. Tracks 2 and 3 have FX applied directly on them vs through an FX BUSS

Please either confirm I am right or offer your suggestions for any changes I need to make so tat my configuration is correct regarding what to send where.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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1. It'll work, but you'll only hear Track 3 through Track 4, so the mix of reverb and voice will depend on plugin settings. I think normally we'd also send Track 3 to Track 1. Then you set the reverb plug to be 100% wet. Then you can use the track faders to adjust the mix.

2. Master/Parent Send should be enabled on Track 1. You want that disabled on every other track, of course.

3. LOL. No. There are good reasons for it sometimes. It's definitely worth doing just so you get a better understanding of how routing works. This basic idea comes into play in all different ways sometimes. Figure out how and why this works so you can stop coming to ask us every time you want to send something to something else. We're happy to help, but you need to get familiar and comfortable and confident on your own.

Course, the whole thing would be a lot easier if you make Track 1 a folder and enable all the Parent Sends. Then the only send that you actually have to make yourself is from 3 to 4. The other tracks still send to track 1, but you don't have to do the work to assign the send.

4. OK
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Hi sjs94704,
I think you might be confused about this MASTER business. Did you add your Track 1 MASTER by clicking on View> Master Track? If so, this is just a view of your master..your master exists anyway. Your master is a mix of your tracks...it's what you hear out of your speakers. You don't have to set up sends to it. When you add a normal track to Reaper it goes to the master by default. For now, I would forget about your track 1. MASTER, remove it.
All you need for now is:
1. Background music
2. Vox
3. Vox Reverb
As I said, by default these three should all be feeding into your Master bus, but as you have been twiddling things, check now that these three are indeed going to your master...click the Routing button on each track and make sure Master send is ticked.
Now, think of 1 and 2 as your 'normal' tracks and 3 as a receive track. You want some reverb on Vox so send Vox to Vox Reverb. So now we have all three tracks going to your master.
Actually in a basic setup like this, where you want Reverb on just one track, you don't even need the receive track; you could just put a reverb FX on the Vox track...But Reverb is usually on a receive so that more than one track can all be sending to the same reverb...this is something that is pretty standard and you will probably want to do later with Vox harmony tracks so you may as well get used to it now.
Hope this helps.

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