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Default Strange JSFX hang... (Can anyone reproduce?) (FIXED)

Had a strange busy-cycle hang happening with a project. After many many hours I have narrowed it down to this absurd demo code. It's bizarrely sensitive to any changes; as far as I've found every line has to be present, and even changes that seem meaningless (e.g. changing the test condition for the first while loop to remove the "-1", or removing pointless assignments, etc.) will make the hang go away and everything work normally.

So I'm thinking this is a bug, unless someone enlightens me as to what is going wrong?

Again, this is nonsensical code just to show the issue, so don't ask why I'm doing some pointless thing. :-) AFAICT, there should be no busy hangs in this code, even though it's crazy.

To reproduce, open a fresh profile [edit: by which I of course mean a new reaper install], make a track, throw it on there. Then start the transport and click around in the arrange window a bunch. Sometimes I need to start/stop a few times, etc. It usually kicks in in 3-10 seconds. The GUI hangs and the program is unresponsive.

This happens in Linux (5.96 and 5.963) and in Windows (5.95).





function funcA()
  while (index+slidervar-1<0)


function funcB()

  while(counter >= 0)
    while(idx <= total-counter)


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