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Default Reliably Muting a track by name

Hi guys.
I'm trying to learn how to Mute or Solo a specific Track named "ABCDE" using LUA.

I've read a bit on selecting tracks by name but it's still unclear for me.

Can somebody help me?
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Archie has a script
'Select a track by name(abbreviated input)'
Maybe you could modify that to also mute/solo

You will need Reapack installed http://www.reapack.com

сopy and paste this URL in Extensions > ReaPack > Import a repository


There's some great stuff in there good to learn from.
With this script in particular you can do a lot of things by track name as well as selection.
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Same as https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?p=2088439, but with reaper.SetMediaTrackInfo_Value(track, 'B_MUTE', 1) instead of SetOnlyTrackSelected.

function getTrackByName(name)
  for trackIndex = 0, reaper.CountTracks(0) - 1 do
    local track = reaper.GetTrack(0, trackIndex)
    local ok, trackName = reaper.GetSetMediaTrackInfo_String(track, 'P_NAME', '', false)

    if ok and trackName == name then
      return track -- found it! stopping the search here

-- The track variable will contain the matching track
-- or nil if none are found in the current project.
local track = getTrackByName("ABCDE")

if track then -- only mute it if it was found (not nil)
  reaper.SetMediaTrackInfo_Value(track, 'B_MUTE', 1)
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