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Default Setting up Ninjam Server on Linux.


I would like to set up a private Ninjam server on my Linux system, however I am not seeing many directions on how exactly to get up and running on Linux, unless I am missing something.

I followed these instructions below and was able to customize the .cfg file to allow no anonymous user but am stuck as to how actually start the server? I have two computers next to each other, one is a Linux system so I can test with a totally separate Windows system if I can just figure out how to actually start the NJ server in Linux. As a novice Linux user I don't know much about the terminal but can get it done with step-by-step guidance from this point. Any thoughts on where to go after this?

Linux: download server source via git and compile. For Debian/Ubuntu, eg:
sudo apt-get install git-core build-essential
git clone ./ninjam
cd ninjam/ninjam/server
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