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Default Track Selection OSC

Hi all
I have the following situation:
I have an osc based controller (Lemur). It features a channel strip, which reflects the currently selected track. I have buttons to jump backward and forward. - All perfect.
Now, I would like to have 6 "shortcut" buttons, which can be assigned to the currently selected track (number).
Ex: I am currently at track 14, press shortcut 1 and track 14 is assigned to shortcut 1 button.
I jump to track 21, press shortcut 2 and track 21 is assigned to shortcut 2 button. - All perfect also.
The tracknumber is derived of TRACK_NUMBER s/track/number/str s/track/@/number/str
Meaning: Track number is a string.

But, if I press then such an assigned shortcut button, it should select the assigned track number:
oscout(0, '/device/track/select', sc0); (Lemur notation:
The variable "sc0" holds the assigned track number as string)
The problem here is, that reaper expects an interger value (DEVICE_TRACK_SELECT i/device/track/select t/device/track/select/@).

Lemur is currently not able to typecast from string to integer (as far as i know).

I tried to change TRACK_NUMBER s/track/number/str s/track/@/number/str to TRACK_NUMBER i/track/number/str i/track/@/number/str. But then, jumping back and forward does not work anymore ...

Any help is higly appreciated! :-)

My Setup:
Reaper: v5.62/64 with SWS: 2.9.7
OSX: 10.11.6

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A=string + I should work in lemur
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