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Default EZ way to se GM program

Hello people.
On my path to Learning reaper i am using a Classic consept of downloading songs in MIDI from the WEB and importing them to cubase.Sadly many of these does not come with instrument names on the track and its hard to know what track goes to what instruments.
My former DAW cubase took the MIDI program info from each track and made it easy to find what instrument to use on each track.

im looking for a way in reaper to either make Reaper name tracks from GM program or a way to find what instrument program is use.

Can this be done?

/ J
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Here you go:


There is a way to import these into a Reaper midi plugin, so you can select the instruments by name.

Maybe start by splitting the midi into separate tracks by channel. That will simplify things.
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Or you could look at the track in the midi editor and it should tell you the name of the program change.
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