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Default Elements - Metal (Pythagorean Tuning)

I hope it's not too soon after my last song post. I made a new song, part of an "album" I'm working on. I'm going to being shaping music around a theme rather than starting with musical concepts and building a song from there. Each song on the "album" is based on a classical/fantasy element. In the case, the song is based on metal, an element of the Chinese classical system as well as several fantasy settings.

All the sounds are metallic in nature with some sounds being created with samples and others being synthesized using mostly square and triangle-like waves for hollow metallic sounds. All synthesized sounds were made with Zyn-Fusion. Musically, I used pure Pythagorean tuning (where all of the perfect fifths are exact). I used a 29-note scale derived from stacking perfectly tuned perfect fifths. This emphasizes the 3rd harmonic, which is the first upper harmonic available to square and triangle waves.

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