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Default blind but not deaf !

Hi .
I just had the idea to use the textmode version of ninjam in order to help
a musician that is blind to play with others without being stuck with the parameters when linked to graphical knobs , find the buttons place , etc ...
I could code with voice recognition in mind ...

So yeah , i am talking about a new accessibility for Ninjam .


I don't have yet tried the sources , but i think i could use them to build
also a new panel , using the more adequate/portable UI .

Edit : Well , i tried to compile under visualstudio 2008 , but some files
are missing , and google couldn't help :

Curses (text mode) client code. On Windows this requires the (included)
win32 curses emulation layer.


#ifdef _WIN32
#define CURSES_INSTANCE (&m_cursinst)
#include <windows.h>
#include "curses.h"
#include "cursesclientinst.h"

#define strncasecmp strnicmp

That could have been also a good starting point for a VST port of ninjam , because all the graphical stuff was no more needed , the UI would be built separatly from ninjam's code .

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