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Default 5.980 New item ruler option hangs reaper on my macs

When I switch the new item ruler to source..

Then cmd-tab to another app and back again to reaper then it becomes unresponsive and I have to force quit. It doesn't crash. It just hangs (application not responding).

It doesn't hang until you try to switch out of reaper and back. Viewing the ruler seems to work fine at first.

It doesn't happen if not ruler is not set to source. The other options work fine.

Although this happens on both my macs, a friend can't repeat this on his mac so it may be a combination of config settings involved in this.

It may even be something else in 5.980 doing this but for some reason doesn't happen unless item ruler set to source.

Anyone else?

I don't know how to include more info as it's not a crash so no obvious crash report I could upload.

EDIT: PS Apart from this bug if it is one, I have a feature request: It would be nice to have another option for source time that includes source start (not always from 0). For location audio files (and video) knowing the time of a source recording can be very useful information.
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Ah, crap. Fixing, thanks for the report.
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