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Default graphics anomalies on item waveforms

afraid i can't be very specific about this but thought i should get it on the record in case anyone else can replicate any of it. i'm on v5.979+dev0625 on kubuntu/kxstudio.

recently i was working on cleaning up a lot of very brief pops, almost like record pops, in an old 16mm film soundtrack. as the pops were very brief, i had to zoom way in to get them to be editable without affecting the audio program material. i found that, as i zoomed in, if i placed the cursor directly on the pop, at some zoom levels (i was using the scroll wheel to zoom), the pop would either disappear or appear in a different position. zooming further would cause it to realign. the graphic also appeared to be out of sync with the audio playback.

another thing that i saw happen was a fragmenting of the waveform display when i was slipping the audio's position inside an item. parts of the waveform would move as i dragged but other parts would not.

sorry i can't give much more than this but that project is now done and, when i was in the middle of it, it was moving too fast to stop and make a lot of notes.

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