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Default New updated REAPER/JS programming documentation

...is available here:


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Nice, so a menu to instantly reach "Basic Code", "advanced functions", "Special Variables" on every page would be nice. Also "advanced functions" is all in small letters on the buttom of this page http://reaper.fm/sdk/js/basiccode.php while on all other pages it has capital (as all other page references (like Basic Code ...) have).
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The freembuf() function provides a facility for you to notify the memory manager that you are no longer using a portion of the local memory buffer.

For example, if the user changed a parameter on your effect halving your memory requirements, you should use the lowest indices possible, and call this function with the highest index you are using plus 1, i.e. if you are using 128,000 items, you should call freembuf(128001); If you are no longer using any memory, you should call freembuf(0);
if you are using 128,000 items the highest index is 127,999, so you should call freembuf(128000).

am i going nuts or did somebody at cockos make a mistake here?

//EDIT: i'm gonna be nice and use this function but just in case i AM going nuts, i'll use highest index + 2
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Default JS programming in windows help format

I've compiled the js documentation in a chm / windows help format for my comfort. If someone find it useful I gladly share it.


Updated 5 30 2008.
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File Type: zip reaper_js_guide.zip (63.2 KB, 1377 views)

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Thanks Aedus, that's very helpful!

Take care,

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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
...is available here:


One thing I missed as a newbie (just started a thread about it)--there should probably be a section about the format of the sample data I'll be seeing. What is the range? Always stereo? Do I have a pointer to it? Is it an array to me in JS?

Maybe one little fully commented simple filter plug would suffice.

Edit: On second reading, I found a mention of the range in the Special Variables" section. I must have glossed over that section in my fist reading.

Maybe what I'm looking for is a tutorial. I suppose I could write one as I make my way. :-)

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Can someone update it?

ps- middle button and mousewheel available in js already?
Thanks devs for adding the abillity to use single click to change a single velocity And single right click to remove a single note without dragging.
much appreciated.
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Here's what I found was missing or wasn't clear enough for me in the doc - for the sake of future JS users :

1) Sliders.

a. You can define up to 64 sliders from slider1 to slider64.
b. Slider values can also be accessed with a variable index : slider(1), slider(2), ... slider(variable).
i=1; loop(64, x+=slider(i) ; i+=1);
c. You can make sliders invisible in the default interface by adding "- " before their name :

slider1:0<0,127,1>control change
slider2:0<0,127,1>- X coordinate
slider3:0<0,127,1>- Y coordinate

// Only the first slider will be visible in the default interface.
// You can create your own graphical user interface to use slider2 and slider3.

2) Arrays.

There is only one array available, its index goes from 0 to 8388607.
You have to define in @init where your sub-arrays will be located (their offset) in this big array.

0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 ... 8388607
\____ Xcoord ____/\____ Ycoord ____/\_____ next_array _____/
* Xcoord[...] starts at index 0 and has 6 slots.
* Ycoord[...] will have to start at index 6 and is also 6 slots long.
* next_array[...] (8 slots) starts at 12.

Here's how to do it :

Xcoord = 0 ;
Ycoord = 6 ;
next_array = 12 ; // offset is given by the size of previous arrays.

@ block

// You can now use them like normal arrays.

i = 0 ;
     Xcoord[i] = 16*i ;
     Ycoord[i] = rand(128) ;
     i+=1 ;
next_array[0] = rand(16);
More in these threads :
js arrays
Can anyone explain this code to me?
a memory allocation question


3) @gfx glitches.

For loops (and other situations) never use the same index/variable in @gfx and @sample (or @block).

Example : this code will result in graphical glitches :
@block // audio processing

loop(32, x[i]=spl(i); i+=1);

@gfx // graphic processing

loop(16, gfx_drawnumber(my_data[i],0); i+=1);
It is stated in the doc that the @gfx section runs in a separate thread from @block and @sample so the variable i can be modified in @block and in @gfx concurrently.
You have to use 2 different variables, i and ii for example :

@block // audio processing

loop(32, x[i]=spl(i); i+=1);

@gfx // graphic processing

loop(16, gfx_drawnumber( my_data[ii] , 0); ii+=1);
Read this thread :
Help : graphical glitches in my JS


4) Mouse clicks.

List of all possible values for mouse_cap :


5) JS font.

List of all available characters :

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WOW; thanks a lot, this is unvaluable info!!!!!

- Mario
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Default Does js file structure still work as described in the doc??


I used the built in script editor of Reaper ("edit" button clicked in FX window) to change an existing js Midi effect. My changed version of "midi_note_filter" now filters away the unwanted "All Notes Off" messages generated by my Roland D50 keyboard.

Instead of changing an existing effect I'd prefer to create a copy and edit the copy. However this does not work. If I add a new effect file into the Reaper sub-directory C:\Programs\REAPER\InstallData\Effects\MIDI and restart reaper the new effect does not appear in the "add fx to" screen. What did I miss? I am clueless.. any hints would be very much appreciated!

best regards
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