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Default VST program names and Reaper


I would need an information about how reaper is saving the VST program names in a project. Does it save the full program name or only the program number ?

I'm encountering a strange behaviour with a plugin program name which is set during the plugin runtime and not retrieved when reloading the RPP file. Maybe this is a normal behaviour in reaper, I would need an answer to know.
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You can open each project file (*.rpp) with a text editor.
There you can see the VSTi's name and filename.
(Without a path information because this is stored in the preferences)
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Hello Baz and welcome to these forums. You'll find many helpful people here and a lot of useful information. Make sure you purchase Nicholas's excellent User Guide and ReaMix docs too. Worth their weight in gold.


User Guide:

Ffor some VST(i)s ReaMix:

As for your question, which VSTi shows this problem?. I believe that it depends on the VST specification implementation.

For some VST(i)s in Reaper the program names are remembered. For others they are not; however these problem VST(i)s do have their program names remembered in other hosts.

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Thanks for your reply.When opening the RPP file in text mode I can't find the name of the program linked to the vst ( I mean the preset name, set as vst program).

When using the plugin I talk about, it's possible to change the preset name (as specified in the vst sdk).But the new preset name is not reloaded when reopening the Reaper project,and as the preset name is used to open a specific file, the consequence is that the target file is never loaded by the plugin.

This is not a real 'problem' but I would just need a confirmation over this Reaper behaviour (as it could be an error from my side). Personnaly I don't use Reaper, it's just for testing the host compatibility of a plugin I'm developping ( called SuperMidiScripter).It would avoid (at the same time) to write something wrong in the manual.
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