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Default I've determined EXACTLY what causes the NI Reaktor5 GUI issues...

Should make it really easy to fix


Reaktor5 (in case you're not familiar), is an IDE/ultra-modular synth that allows you to program low-level and/or high-level instruments and FX through a purely graphical(not text/lines of code) interface. Once you load a VST instance of Reaktor 5, you must load an instrument/effect in the form of a .ens file. For a project(in any DAW), the standard best practice is to save a new copy of the .ens file to your project directory for every instance you use.

*the bug

When using Reaktor5, there is an "autosave" feature, that automatically saves the Reaktor VST instance(if modified) to it's corresponding .ens file whenever the project is saved. If autosave is not turned on, there is a button in R5 to save the .ens file manually. The bug occurs when autosave is turned on: After moving any knob with the mouse, the GUI freezes up for approximately 5 seconds. Closing the FX window of a track with R5 + autosave turned on also takes about 5 seconds. With autosave turned off, there is no lag and no GUI freezes. My hypothesis is that presumably, that Reaper has a separate GUI thread, and that something is going awry in either the VST requesting host events after a GUI event, or vice-versa, that is causing some kind of try{BuggyThreadMethod();}catch{flushGUIbuffer();} response from Reaper.

EDIT: The GUI freeze occurs after releasing the left mouse button, regardless of how long it was held or how much the knob was moved. That's probably significant for tracking the bug down. Also, if you grab another knob with the mouse REALLY quick(< ~.2 seconds), then you can continue without a GUI freeze happening as many times as you want, but once you let go for > .2 seconds, then the 5 second GUI freeze happens.

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