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Default Hydrogen to Reaper using JACK

Hello; I'm hoping someone else has done this or something similar and can shed light onto whether or not it's actually possible.

I'm attempting to run Hydrogen, a standalone drum sequencing program, in conjunction with Reaper. Ideally, I would be able to program drums in Hydrogen as I recorded synths and vocals and guitars and other such things in Reaper, and when I pressed play in Reaper, Hydrogen would play as well. As I have it set up now, I'm able to get audio from Hydrogen to Reaper at least using JACK. However, there isn't any sort of transport syncing. Is this even possible with JACK or with anything else? I don't believe Hydrogen has any Rewire functionality.

Is there a free replacement for Hydrogen that might do, possible a VST/AU instrument? I know there's ReaDrum, but it's a little bit 'meh' on a couple of (mostly non-practical) fronts. Anyone have any thoughts about any of the above?
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Originally Posted by jonbash View Post
Anyone have any thoughts about any of the above?
I hate Jack, in windows and linux...sorry, not helpful I know....
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Have you tried the IAC Driver thats available in the AMS setup? If you enable it you can run midi through that
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Default sync Hydrogen to Reaper with IAC

I was able to get Hydrogen Jack and Reaper to be friendly as well. I am trying to use the IAC to control the transport of Hydrogen. I set a track to generate MTC, sent it out of midi hardware Bus 1 (IAC). I set the Hydrogen midi to core midi and the input to bus 1 channel to all. no go....also the space bare still seems to start hydrogen. Any ideas?

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