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Default Midi Fighter Twister firmware sourcecode available

I posted this over in the developer forum section, so this post is just in case most folks interested in this are here instead of checking the dev forum .

This is for anyone interested in hacking the firmware of this excellent little knob box.

Who knows, maybe someone can create a Mackie emulation mode or something else terribly useful. Could be me, but it's a time issue and I'm fairly happy with this box at the moment.

The repository includes the hardware schematics for the box as well.

The post in the DJ Techtools forum with all the links.

Github repo:

Readme with build instructions:
This Repository was last Built with: Atmel Studio 7 (Version 7.0.790)
- All references are relative to the project, so a simple project import and build,
- should be all that is required.

The MF Twister Project makes use of the Atmel ASF extensions & LUFA Module.

To compile following symbols must be defined


The compiler must also link libm

The project also requires a user board configuration header file, if this is missing add the following to conf_board.h

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