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Default VST3 Plugins refusing to scan

I've been running Reaper under Windows 7 64 bit. I've now built a new Windows 10 machine and have loaded the latest Reaper version (I also tried an older Reaper version that's working on Windows 7 with the same result described here). I've now begun the long process of loading the (way too many) VST plugins I have. When I designate all the proper paths and do a scan it sees all of them, but when I try to place them in a Reaper session only about 25% are available. When I look at the Scan error list there's all the rest of them. This identical list comes up in Harrison Mixbus on this same machine (both the VSTs that are available and those that come up as errors). On Windows 7 none of these VSTs had this issue. I can see in looking at the VST64 text list in the Reaper info that all the plugins that don't scan properly are missing the middle set of #s, and also missing the repeated plugin title and company of origin. Example:

fiedler_audio_stage.vst3=C7004AE5ED93D801,14303026 5{ABCDEF019182FAEB4649415553544147,fiedler audio stage (Plugin Alliance)
LevelingTool_64.vst3=005FE31F30BED501,331484980{F2 AEE70D00DE4F4E4A554E614A554E61,Leveling Tool (AdHd)

The plugins that have the full information work, the ones that are abbreviated do not. I looked at these same plugins in Windows 7 and the full title is represented. The same install process was used on both machines. I've dug thru this forum and saw related threads but they were from a couple of years back and some of the info wasn't relevant anymore. My Windows 10 Pro version is not an "N". It's listed as version 2004 and has the latest updates. Any help will be much appreciated!
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