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Default Fixed Item Lanes Questions

1. Why does the comp lane number increase every time I double-click?

It's the same when running the toggle comping action. This is on a new track with nothing on it.

2. Why does hiding the button turn comping off?

It's problematic because when I record into a new lane, the new lane becomes selected and my comp stops playing (and disappears from view if I'm only showing one lane).

If I've been comping into some lane other than the top one, it's hard to remember which one was active when this happens.

It also prevents me from building a proper toggle button for fixed item lanes.

As long as comping is on, recording into a new lane simply adds the new recording to the active comp, which is what I want. But this behavior means every time I toggle the button I have to remember to reactivate comping or new recordings deactivate the previous ones on the track.

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