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Default (FIXED) Dragged Mixers Always Placed After Visual Spacer

1. Create 4 Tracks. Name them A, B, C, D.
2. Add a visual spacer between B & C.
3. In the MCP drag D to the left of the visual spacer. The goal is to end up with A, B, D, space, C. (This happens when you create a new track, but want to move it to the left of a spacer with other similar, already existing tracks.)
4. You'd expect to end up with C standing alone after the spacer. But what happens is D&C are still together. They've just swapped places, with the spacer still to the left.

Now, D can't be dropped to the left of the spacer at all. You have to drag it past B to get a drop indication at all. After you do that, and have A, D, B, space, C. You have to drag B left again. D cannot be dropped after B but before the spacer.

Basically in the MCP you can't drop a track before the spacer even if there's a visual indication that it's going to end up there. I also see in the TCP you can drop on top of a visual spacer to create spacers above and below the moved track. That's not an option at all in the MCP. Also in the TCP you can drag a track that has a spacer above it to the other side of the spacer. In the MCP you have to go past the spacer and the next track left. Dragging to the right of a spacer seems to work, but for the track just to the left of the spacer you don't get a drop indication.

Even more simply, dragging tracks around in the MCP when visual spacers are involved doesn't behave as expected.

Last edited by ScuzzyEye; 04-18-2024 at 06:23 AM. Reason: This was fixed in 7.15. Thanks!
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