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Default "Error opening devices" dialog every time I switch back to Reaper

Every time I switch away from Reaper and come back to it, I get the "Error opening devices" dialog with the message "There was an error opening the audio hardware: Error initializing ASIO buffers."

I can dismiss it with Retry or Close and audio plays back fine. But constantly dismissing it is annoying! I can solve this with the "Do not show this window again" checkbox, I think, but I do want this message to appear when I'm using one of my regular audio interfaces, as it is useful in alerting me that I need to power something up or etc.

I do not usually have to work with this laptop's onboard sound, but I am doing a big project with it at the moment (no input, just printing 90 different mixes from stem sets). In previous occasional uses of the onboard Realtek, I haven't had this problem before.

Realtek HD chip (can't figure out which one, it's on a mid-2020 model Gigabyte Aero 17XD)
Realtek ASIO, driver v.6.0.8963.1
Reaper v.6.29/win64 rev 12c62f

Tried checkboxes for "Ignore ASIO reset messages" and "pre-zero output buffers," no effect. Tried all the available buffer sizes, also no effect.

I get no error message using the DirectSound driver but the delay on hitting play is not great.

Has anyone run into this? Any solution?

Alternately, if I select "Do not show this window again" on the error dialog, is there a way to undo that option when I am done with the immediate project?
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I once tried the Realtec ASIO driver and was not able to get it working. Maybe this is a buggy piece of software

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