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Default What Hardware do I Need Please?

Right guys I'll try and explain as best I can. I am very much into hardware synths and pianos and keyboards. I struggle with MIDI although I know it could save me a whole load of time and effort if I took the time to master it (or at least the basics) but I'm getting there. My question relates solely to the end mixing/mastering processes. I want something with loads of knobs, switches and sliders and goodness knows what else so that I can ditch the mouse as much as possible and use hardware to mix with rather than the mouse and computer. I'm trying to imagine something but I'm not sure if it exists? Basically something like a "real" console found in modern recording studios but not as large or as expensive. My budget would stretch to around £500 (possibly more if it does the job) but I've no idea if what I want actually exists? All replies will be so gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
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what exactly are you hoping that these knobs, switches & sliders do?
Do you have specific functionality in mind?
Are you looking for an actual hardware device or just a hardware controller that will allow you to control software parameters?
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You're looking for a control surface.

I've never used one so I can't make any recommendations and I don't know how easily it will integrate with REAPER. I'm sure it requires some setup & configuration.
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Softube Console1 and Fader is what I'm using currently and it is a wonderful setup but it's pricey. The Fader isn't as useful as the original Console1 but if you want faders that's the way to go with this system.
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