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Default REAPER as media server

Hi everyone!

REAPER is insanely good at playing back videos, and it works remarkably well playing videos while synced to an incoming timecode (MIDI MTC or SMPTE LTC).

The best thing is the overall snapiness, reliability and the fact that it doesn't care which framerate or codec, as long as it's playable by VLC. It just works.

So I've been using REAPER as a video media playback server on several occasions successfully but the thing that's missing is multi simultaneous video layer outputs. Separate video outputs for lower-thirds (in a broadcast/stream situation), different content for several LED video walls (in a live situation) etc.

Several REAPER instances in video fullscreen mode works as a workaround. You can screengrab several REAPER instances in OBS, transform it to several separate NDI streams or 1 Spout stream, send it over the network to whichever receiver (maybe Resolume Arena which does its FX and LED wall pixel mapping magic).

However, you can't screengrab several REAPER instances on the same machine in video fullscreen mode - the video windows will appear correctly to be grabbable, but they will all show the same video. You'll have to dock the video window in the main window (which automatically resizes it to less than native resolution).

So, is anyone else using REAPER as media server?
What are your tricks?
What would be the simplest solution to expand that functionality?
Native NDI support? (There's already a feature request here: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=247191)
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