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Default Midi Dilema

I'm getting midi signal to Reaper as I can see a "red" line bob up and down when
I play, but, no audio playback.

Here's my config:

Midi Controller set to midi channel 5 (yes it's powered on).
Reaper record input set to midi channel 5.
Record audio or midi is selected.
Synth plug does not have a midi channel selector.
(I've never needed to insert an midi device in the routing window before).
Correct midi device is selected under preferences.

In the past, this synth worked straight away. Now, no audio.
I've rebooted every device including my computer, but to no avail.

That's all I can think of. I'm hoping that this is not a unique problem and
that there's an answer here. Everybody here has been terrific in the past.

Thanks everyone, great community here!
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Probably too simple, but it sounds like you don't have monitoring turned on for the track.
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That was a good guess however, it is on.

I use a few 32bit vst’s on my 64bit machine, and the bridge works fine.
Maybe this one plug just won’t be compatible??

Anyway, thanx for your help!

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It might be helpful to know what 32 bit "Synth plug" we are talking about. I use quite a few and have no problems.

Do you see the yellow "audio" lines in the meters as well as the red MIDI line? If not then the synth is not responding to the channel data you're sending. It's not as simple as the volume control inside the synth turned right down is it?

Have you tried setting Input to MIDI- All Inputs, All Channels to if anything is different?

Does that synth work with the internal Virtual Keyboard? Set to MIDI channel 5 or any other channel?

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could be wrong but what I think I'm hearing is that the synth vsti want ONLY to respond to MIDI notes that are on channel 1... and, ...you are sending it something else [channel 5?]

so try this:

put the vsti on track 1

below that make track 2

create a send from track 2 to track 1, Audio = None, MIDI = All to 1

see whatcha get
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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