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Default Soundcard (Scarlett) Stops being found once the Mac goes to sleep

iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Mid 2015)
32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

When my mac goes to sleep, when I wake it up, the Scarlett isn't found anymore. What do you think causes this?
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I used to have this same problem on my Mac Mini. I was never sure what was going on, but the impression I got was that the USB ports would go to sleep and break the connection to my audio interface. Sometimes unplugging the interface and plugging it back in would get things working again. Other times not. Usually I would have to restart, or shut down and restart, but no solution worked consistently. Very frustrating. I got so fed up that eventually I used Boot Camp to install Windows. Using the Windows device manager you can configure USB ports to never go to sleep, and that fixed it right there. I have since built my own PC which I can dual-boot as a Hackintosh, but mostly I just live in Windows now after 30 years as a Mac user. Thanks, Apple!
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I *believe* this only happens going direct into the Mac's port. It's an Apple faux pas. Using a powered hub between should keep the USB port from being losing connection when the Mac goes to sleep. But a quick replugging of the USB cable on either end makes it show up, no?
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Patrice Brousseau
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To second @vdubreeze : I had the same problem (on an Hackintosh). Powered USB2 hub, solved!
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