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Default sound in car sounds just fine even if its untreated?

still trying to make sense of acoustics.

sound in car sounds just fine even if its untreated...

also with a good system at home who cares if the room is untreated...99% are not...

so my question is, for listening music purposes, is the acoustic treatment less important?
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It's pretty-much impossible to treat a car. There is plenty of sound-absorbing material already and you can't do much about the windows. And you wouldn't want more reflection in such a small space.

Some people do treat their living room/listening room/home theater, but yeah, it's rare. There are even people who build a listening room/music room into their home with acoustics as part of the architectural design, especially if they are building a custom house.

The main idea is to keep your mixing/mastering studio neutral and accurate so you can make a good product. That's hard to do in an untreated room. You can't do anything about what the listener does, but you want it to sound it's best in most listening situations and you don't want it to sound bad on a really-good system in a really-good room.

There are actually a couple of different approaches to listening rooms. I've had my speakers in a "music hall" a couple of times and I LIKE the way my home system sounds in a large reverberant room! I haven't treated my living room (and I haven't measured it), but I have my home theater system set-up for a little reverb from the rear speakers (when listening to stereo music).

Other people prefer a "dead studio sound" at home.
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Originally Posted by read View Post
still trying to make sense of acoustics.

sound in car sounds just fine even if its untreated...
Listening in a car is not mixing in a car and mixes done it poor rooms may very well sound bad in a car.

Mixing in a neutral/accurate environment is good so that when the result of that is listened to everywhere else, it represents what was intended to be heard reasonably well. There should be a "known good" somewhere to work from - even when the room isn't perfect but you learn what it's problems are and work around them. No room is truly perfect but there is certainly a point where the room is the lesser of problems and you end up ahead of the game instead of fighting the room the entire time.

It also really isn't about live or dead, it's about overabundance or lack of frequencies due to the room you are in (nodes and modes), which will make many of your mixing decisions incorrect because that isn't what the music really sounds like. If the room is especially bad and you are using mics in it, you'll end up spending all your time in plugins and EQs trying to effectively get pee out of the pool.

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