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Default M-Audio fastrack PRO compatibility

Reaper is crashing randomly and sometimes on loading a small project.
Project only has 3 tracks of Independence Free plug-in with only drums and percussions, and no effects

I have a new ASUS laptop with an I7 11th gen proc, 16GB RAM, SSD
Sound card is M-Audio Fasttrack pro. Its an old audio device with a driver dating 2016. No new driver is available. I was wondering if this sound card could be the issue. Any idea ?
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Yeah, unfortunately it's probably the sound card. I had the same one, and it never got Windows 10 drivers. The older drivers worked for a while, but I started getting bluescreen crashes more and more often, and nothing would fix them.

If you google for "fast track pro bsod" you'll see we're not alone. Have you tried using the card in other software? You'll probably get crashes in all of them, not just Reaper.

I can at least say that the crashes stopped as soon as I got a new soundcard (a Focusrite Scarlett). I really did not like having to spend that money, but the card came with a lot of bundled software that I actually use, so I ended up pretty happy with the purchase.

Still, sorry to bring bad news.
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I'm in the same boat as you.

The latest driver (read super outdated and not win10 compatible) is somewhat ok on my machine when I install it with 8.1 compatibility mode, but it still BSOD's occasionally.

Unfortunately the unit is officially deprecated, so I guess the only way to really fix it is to bite the bullet and buy a new audio interface. I ordered mine (went with the Motu M2 because it's supposed to be pretty nice and have good headphone audio) but delivery has been delayed.
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