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Default Airwindows console workflow fix?

I have been using Airwindows console plugins for a while. I love the sound but it ruins the workflow. You are supposed to balance the mix in the plugin and not with the channel fader.

My question is if it possible to overwrite the basic functionality of the channel fader and use the fader to control the plugin.

I tried to search if someone else worked on this before but I couldn't find anything (maybe I am just bad at searching).

I know that I could use a separate channel to control it but I am wondering if there is way to use the original fader of the channel.

If anyone has any idea if that is possible and how to do it please let me know.
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Hi! I've been using three different versions of Console (6, 7 and PurestConsole2) for the last six months, and I've modified my workflow several times to accomodate the Channel->Buss unity gain requirement.

So far I've settled with every instrument folder/bus being sent to a "summing" track (with the Console channel plugin of choice AND the fader set at unity gain) and then to the Mixbus (with the Buss plugin). This way I can use Every folder -or track- fader for balancing and automation, mixing into the Console system as one would mix into a summing mixer: 6-8 outs (summing track with the Channel plugin at the end of the chain) returning to a stereo track (Mixbus with the Buss plugin at the top of the FX chain).

Signal flow: Track -> Folder -> Summing track -> Mixbus

This setup might not utilize the summing algorithm to its full capabilities -as its intended use is with individual tracks for maximum "impedance" fluctuation - but depending on the number of summing tracks the effect can definitely be present. I always try to have at least 6 of these tracks.

Now, Console7 has the advantage of using its internal fader to mix, and I have used it with the aforementioned summing tracks. Just use the option to show this parameter (Fader) in the MCP and you are set. I find that setting up a rough mix with these faders and then automating with either touch or latch modes is easy enough to accomplish any balancing duties

If this doesn't work for you, there is a script available via Reapack, check this out: https://githubmemory.com/repo/jahudka/reaper-consolefx

This way, you can use your current workflow and automatically create an invisible "Console layer" in the background. Hope it helps!!

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