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Default How to delete an element In GUI Builder

Hi, I m using "Script: Lokasenna_GUI Builder.lua" and i just want to know how to delete elements from it. thanks
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Try alt left click
shift left click will give setting
Help will show all this

"GUI Builder will allow you to build basic GUIs for scripts using my Lokasenna_GUI library, " ..
"which you clearly have installed if you're running this script. It's functional - my last few script releases " ..
"have used it - but there are features missing and bugs to be expected. Use at your own risk. " ..
"\n\n" ..
"Usage:\n\n" ..
"- Right-click to bring up a list of element types.\n\n" ..
"- Shift-click an element to select it for editing. Be aware that not all element properties are supported yet.\n\n" ..
"- Shift-drag an element to move it.\n\n" ..
"- Alt-click an element to delete it.\n\n" ..
"- Right-click an empty area with an element selected to duplicate it.\n\n" ..
"- Script window settings and grid/snap options are available in the Settings menu.\n\n" ..
"- Use File | Export to save scripts. GUI Builder will export a complete, working script.\n\n\n" ..
"WARNING: At the moment there's no load/import functionality. I do apologize if you lose any work as the result of " ..
"a crash. Importing is at the top of my to-do list.\n\n" ..
"Please let me know if you find any bugs, or if you have any cool feature ideas. No promises though."
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