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Default Windows Compiler Benchmarking Test: NOW in the 2018 Edition!

I've updated the benchmarking page here:


There are new builds of 5.11 5.71pre12a with VS2013 to compare against the older (VC + ICC) builds.

These versions should work on Windows XP SP2 and later, but require SSE2 (which I can't imagine anyone lacks anymore).

If you would like to help give us valuable feedback, the following information will be most helpful with the results:
  • CPU type (AMD or Intel, approximate kind e.g. "Sandy Bridge")
  • OS version and bit-ness (e.g. Windows 7 64-bit)
  • REAPER architecture used (win32 or win64) -- ideally if you can, please test both versions of each architecture and give us results
  • Audio device block size and samplerate
  • How many tracks were in the project tested, how many plug-ins (approximately), how many non-Cockos plug-ins.
  • Anything else interesting or unusual about your project (routing, folders, compressed media, etc)

Try loading your project, playing it a bit, and letting everything settle before taking a measurement. When you do take a measurement, try to make it over a reasonably long time (such as 30 seconds), and try to make sure that your sample is taken from the same part of the project in each test.

Note also: there's no need for multiple users to test the same project. The purpose of these tests is as much about reporting results on different projects as it is about different CPUs -- diversity in both is important.

Your feedback would be much appreciated, thank you in advance!

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