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Default VSTi fails to load when opening project and crashes reaper

So I've been using REAPER 5 for about 3 weeks now and am really enjoying it. I've had this really annoying bug though.
After I load all my VSTi's in for my project, I save and close it, but the next day when I try to reopen it, when it tries to load up the VSTi's I use it crashes. I have to boot into recovery mode, and if I try to reopen the VSTi's I use it crashes again. I have to take off them completely, and re add them in the FX section, which takes a good portion of my time away from actually composing. Also little things like trying to duplicate a part with its vsti crashes reaper.

I tried what was recommended before, which was uninstalling and redownloading the VSTi's but that did not work.

Currently the VSTi's I am using are:
Salamander Grand Piano

I am about to buy EWQLSO though and am hoping that I can fix this before then.

Thanks for all of your help!
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have you tried loading the project with plugins offline ? there is an option "open with FX offline". then try to isolate each plugin by bringing them online one by one, you might discover that your problem is due to one plugin in particular. I've had problems like this even with high quality plugins that crash Reaper for some reason.
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