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Default Bug in dynamic split?

Seems that dynamic split's algorithm is off:

(not sure why image won't play, need to click)

1. The structure of the item is this: There are a lot of short audio segments(we'll call pulses0 that last around 5-10 seconds each and have silence around 3-4 seconds max. These are part of "sections".

Each section lasts a few minutes and is separated by a silence of around 10 seconds.

2. I should be able to set the min length > 10 seconds and it should ignore all the short audio segments because any split would fail to produce an item that is > 10 seconds long.

Each one should fail in sequence until we get to 10 seconds(M), which now the min length is > 10 and reaper DOES split here, WHICH IS INVALID.

Why? Because I also have the min silence length set to 6-8 seconds and reaper should determine that the next split has a short silence and so it shouldn't split.

It should continue this chain of "Can't split here because each pulse is too short to count)(completely ignoring the first M seconds, but then for each pulse after that, it should fail).

It finally comes to the end of a segment, and it seems a silence of 10 seconds and since that is larger than the min silence length, that passes. So both min length passes and min silence length passes and so a split occurs.

This is repeated for each section and they should be split properly, but reaper does not split them properly because the algorithm has a bug.

It's hard to explain exactly but it's sorta like gating before compressing or some other thing, the order matters and if you get it backwards you'll get different results(because they both affect and both depend on amplitude).

Best I can tell is that dynamic splits is not enforcing min silence length and min length together(it's doing some funky logic, possibly sequenced in a way that doesn't work).

I expect min length to always produce an item split with length greater than min length. This seems to be true for reaper.

I expect min silence length to "ignore" silences that do not exceed the min silence length... and it should stack. E.g., for multiple pulses, for a split to occur, there has to be at least `min silence length` between two pulses(and, of course > max length total) for the split to occur.

If you need to play around with it, or maybe I'm not interpreting how dynamic splits works, you can generate a sample data by render a metronome(although it might be different due to the much shorter pulses than I'm using) and add some large spaces every few minutes.

Anyways, hard to explain, all I know is that this case should be very easy to split and it isn't. I could do it by hand but that is not the point.

In fact, in this case I basically should just have to set min silence length to 5 and have it split at the seconds, but setting the min length to some large value should prevent any glitches.

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