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Gass n Klang
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Default Remuxing - exchange the audio in a video file without reencoding the video

hey guys,
again and again I do some audio mixing for music video clips. I often get the final video clip before the audio mix is finally done. I then load the video file into reaper and mix while watching the clip.

The same mix has a different effect on the listener as soon as it is part of a moving picture. That's why I love presenting the new mix together with the video clip.

Therefor it would be extremely nice if REAPER had the option just exchange the audio file in an existing video file as an option in the bounce menu. At the moment we have to reencode the video again and often lose quality or raise the file size.
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+1 Yesyesyes!

Or at least that audio and video-source are separated from each other:
default: use audio from video-source
others: use audio from another source

If that would be accessible that way in TrackStateChunks, we could even script that
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I suppose this could be done if Reaper could keep FFMPEG commandline presets. Not sure how all that would work.

The workaround until then is to use video muxing tools. For MP4 files, mp4box with a frontend is a good one. For MKV files, mkvtoolnix is great. For Quicktime, use Mkvtoolnix to make an MKV file and then use TEncoder to make a Quicktime from it, just copying streams. Be sure to use an audio codec that Quicktime can carry.
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Big ol' plus one from me for this too.
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yes, please!

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Yep, would be very useful!
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+1 to this FR. Go go power Justin!

Originally Posted by Sexan View Post
Make a thread "F%#! you Reaper! I quit!" to get more views and feedback since these kind of threads get much more traction
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Yeah, me too. Some more also, again.
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we really need this!
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