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Default REAPER + Jam Kazam via ReaRoute [TUTORIAL]

After spending hours researching and trying to get this to work, I finally have it.



Ensure you have installed a 32-bit REAPER with ReaRoute ASIO driver checked in the installer. Sorry, this is mandatory, as Jam Kazam is a 32-bit program and only recognizes the 32-bit ReaRoute driver.
You can install a portable 32-bit REAPER install just for the sake of interfacing with Jam Kazam.
Go to the device setup in Jam Kazam and select ReaRoute driver. Assign the inputs you would like to use. For this tutorial we will assume just one, so pick ReaRoute 1.
For the outputs, choose 1 and 2.


In REAPER create your track for your instrument, set up your audio interface, etc. All the same as if you were about to record yourself. Record Arm and monitor this track.


Open the IO window for the track, add a hardware send, select ReaRoute 1. Untick Master/Parent send.


Create a new track to receive Jam Kazam's audio. Set the input for this track to ReaRoute 1/2. Record Arm and monitor this track.

You should now hear your audio and that of others jamming with your coming through the second track in Reaper.
Optionally you can record your Jam Kazam sessions easily by simply hitting record. You probably want to record the output of your instrument track however, if you are changing effects on the fly.
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