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Default FR: separate resizeable projectTABs for multi windowed monitoring

FR: separate resizeable projectTABs for multi windowed monitoring

toggle split screening or multiple projecttab's into their own separate screen/window

with the introduction of loopback_audio/midi this allows for routing audio&midi across projects
running multiple Project Tabs has the inherent benefit of loading songs albeit multiple projects on multiple tabs, keeping the structure of a project intact
Dual screens of project TABs provide monitoring of dual projects which can be synchronised(beats/time)
tracks can then be monitored and mutes/solos/pans also be adjusted and seeing the timelines of both on separate screens allows for accurate transport controls to be executed(rec/loop points/play/stop with smooth seek)

monitoring of multiple project tabs timelines or mute/solo states requires a constant switching between projects

implementation suggestion
resizeable separate project tabs to separate windows with a "focus border" highlighting which project is currently in control of keyboards actions etc

personal benefit & potential future use cases
i have built a loopbased template which spans 2 projects tabs, with a 3rd projecttab that is in operation when desiring to record my looped session.
i do this in the following way:
looped-Audio samples (project1)---> FX VSTs for manipulation(project2) ---> record all incoming channels(project3)
alot of this triggering is done via midi controllers
being able to see each project in play, and monitoring each part as it plays in realtime requires switching between projects

Future scenario's: provided the graphical aspects of multiple-windows dont bog down the CPU causing laggyness... the slow movement toward having multiple monitors inside of Augmented Reality glasses like that of the Xreal glasses having triple display capability... this aspect of multiple windowed monitoring of projects and sharing windows across screens... would assist in the monitoring aspects in many ways... syncing projects or monitoring incoming audio levels from a dedicated projectTab built to receive & control all incoming audio

for personal context: heres a video of the 3 project tabs in a realtime scenario

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an improved version of the above scenario... minus a keyboard jam and minus the recording projectTab due to the 8gb memory pressure constraints on the m1 mac mini...
i've since upgraded to the 16gb m1 mini

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