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Default ReaEQ freq scale

I'm trying to understand the ReaEq frequency parameters curve.

Sampling points in 0.1 increments on the 0.0 -- 1.0 float range I get:

(20, 69.2, 158.9, 322.1, 619.3, 1160.5, 2146.2, 3941.0, 7209.5, 13161.4, 24000)

MIDI pitch:

MIDI pitch difference:

What is the curve on the low end about? Does anyone have the exact formula?
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I guess only the Reaper developers know the exact mapping function. If they don't want to reveal that, you could try using more steps to produce a more precise look up table for your purposes.
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10 or 11 midi notes per divsion = just under 1 octave per division

You might consider doing this with a higher number of FFT points also - the scaling won't change, but the granularity of the scale will (making possible finer increments).
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Doesnt these formulas work for you?

  • pitch to MIDI
  • MIDI to pitch
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