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Default AbbeyRoad...

Hi, all

This one is an emanation of the RE[a]DD project, already available in the stash, but I wanted to go further as the latter isn't enough REDD looking, in my view. At first, this theme was supposed to be an update of it, but I quickly saw that too many things would be different. So, I made another theme which has allowed me to set everything freely, without having to use and keep all the graphic work already done. Actually, I changed almost everything excepting, mainly, the toolbars and the extended area of the mixer, to get more or less the wanted result.

So, here it is... The link :

Let me know about any misbehavior or improvement that you could think of.

WARNING : this theme could be a little difficult to use with a vertical monitor resolution less than 1080 pixels.

AbbeyRoad v1.50 :

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Gear : VMK-188+|MPD32|ME30P|Korg 05R/W|Roland D110|Yamaha TX802|Pre-MIDI stuff...

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