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Default New Latency problem

I have been using Reaper for a number of years with an Echo AudioFire8 interface. When I do overdubs I monitor the recorded signal at the interface listening to the previous tracks through the same interface. I have always had "Use audio driver reported latency" checked and this has always worked fine. I have not changed the driver for the audio interface. Recently, there seems to be no latency correction for recorded ODs and they are about 209ms late. My ASIO driver is set to 512 samples (10.7ms) as is the Reaper "Request lock size so this is very strange. I'm currently running v5.62 x64 on Windows 7 Home. I'm suspecting a bug that has slipped into reaper. If not, please advise what else this could be? I'm baffled. I am going to try and revert to a previous version of Reaper to see if that fixes the problem.
OK, so I went back to 5.16 which I'm sure did not exibit this problem but now does so I guess this is not a Reaper bug. Still Baffled. Any ideas?

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